DR. DRE Zoom

Lyrics from muuchinima Sites DR. DRE Zoom Lyrics, singer by DR. DRE

[Dr. Dre]
I got my mind made up, come on get in, get into it
Let it ride, tonight’s the night, yeah
[repeat 2X]

Yeah, yeah, come on

[LL Cool J]
Uh, you know you a freak
Before the album went platinum, ya hardly speak
And now you’re skin grinnin, gassed off the chrome rims and
twenty room mansion, I rest my Timb’s in
Uhh, I feel it how ya shake it
Rings in ya belly, I can’t take it
Toss up your Moet, money make it
Last week frontin, tonight butt naked
I got the flava, make em Zoom-a-zoom
The LL Cool J, [fuck it] give me room
Looked up in my eyes as I lowered the boom
Twenty thousand freaks packed up in one room, uhh

[Dr. Dre]
All I wanna do, is Zoom-a-Zoom Zoom Zoom
(Mmmm, whatchu wanna do) Uhh, whatchu wanna do?
[repeat 2X]

[Dr. Dre]
Once again it’s on, can’t be home
The crime got me in the zone homies blowin up the celly phone
The world knew I had to come once mo’
And just to let y’all know, I do my thing and still blow
Nuff to burn ten mill’ cells, confirmed
The most anticipated since Tyson’s return
So come on everybody let’s all get down
Cause what we have, is a brand new sound

[LL Cool J]
All the mommies in the house gettin live tonight
They wanna (Zoom Zoom Zoom, Zoom Zoom-Zoom)

And all my dogs feel the vibe tonight
They wanna (Zoom Zoom Zoom, Zoom Zoom-Zoom)

Say what?

[Dr. Dre]
All I wanna do, is Zoom-a-Zoom Zoom Zoom
(Mmmm, whatchu wanna do) Uhh, whatchu wanna do?

[Dre] All I wanna do, is Zoom-a-Zoom Zoom Zoom
[LL] Dre, whatchu wanna do?
[Dre] Mr. Smith, it’s on you, uh

[LL Cool J]
In other words, it’s gon’ be like that
You young boys is blind, I’m seein them cats
Evolutionary (what?) Revolutionary and legendary
I got a climax waiting for each and every cherry
I’m like a narcotic, niggaz is microscopic
Dr. Dre and Cool J, is the topic
Forever, my lyrics is rough and energetic
Them cats is blazin? I don’t get it, they cosmetic
If shorty wanna step up? I’ll twist his neck up
You can’t get no money battling me that’s like ripping your check up
What partna? Take ten paces and turn around
That quick, yo’ whole ghost town is burnin down (Woooof!)
What I spit, manipulates whole clicks
Make em conversate on how real niggaz ride my dick
It’s like a serum, I just can’t hear em
All them new niggaz poppin new shit, I never fear em

As we proceed
To give you what you need
Satisfaction guaranteed
Work and die
Yeah, yeah

[Dr. Dre]
I got my mind made up, come on get in, get into it
Let it ride, tonight’s the night, yeah
[repeat 3X]


DR. DRE Under Pressure

Lyrics from muuchinima Sites DR. DRE Under Pressure Lyrics, singer by DR. DRE

[Dr Dre]
The long-awaited Detox, trick
‘Cause maybe I don’t wanna stop, maybe I don’t wanna quit
Maybe I like hoes, maybe I don’t want a wife, maybe I’m psycho
Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m strapped right now, just maybe
Maybe it’s a relapse, maybe I’m high right now, where the weed at?
Maybe this is ER, maybe I’m a real doc and this is CPR
Maybe we need to breathe some life in this shit
Maybe we are the life of this shit
… Maybe I’m just crazy (Crazy)
What they say? (What they say?)
Sak pase (Sak passe)
Nap boule (nap boule)

Dre, I think I need my sponsor
I’m just outta contro-o-ol
Maybe I got hoes, every little city I go, like Paco
We tryna grow, but I just can’t seen her
I’m havin’ trouble cleanin’ up, I’m like FEMA
All these little haters got me back with the nina
Got me bringin’ guns to work, Gilbert Arenas
Unh, I don’t know if it’s the Goose talkin’
But you know they say the liquor get your truth talkin’
Maybe I should be somewhere in the group talkin’
I’m addicted to coupes and takin’ roofs off ’em
I’m addicted to watches, Heckler and Koches
Them bow-legged girls from the projects
It’s Bed-Stuy in this bitch (Bed-Stuy!)
Dre, what’s up? (It’s Westside over here)
I’m in this party, I’m up to no good
And I should be duckin’ these clubs, Tiger Woods

[Dr. Dre]
I smoke (I smoke)
I drink (I drink)
I’m supposed to stop, but I can’t
Nigga, don’t ask why (Ask why)
I get high (I get high)
I’m just livin’ my mo’fuckin’ life
So what? I’m drunk (I’m drunk)
And I’m a weedhead (Weedhead)
And I’ma treat every day like the weekend
Headfirst off the deep end
Yeah, you know what’s happenin’
I’m just relapsin’.


DR. DRE U Better Recognize

Lyrics from muuchinima Sites DR. DRE U Better Recognize Lyrics, singer by DR. DRE

[Verse One: Sam Sneed (Dr. Dre)]

(I heard Sam was going solo) God damn, you didn’t know so,
well I can blast fast so freak an ill type of slow flow.
I’m hitting harder than Berry Boss so check the golden child,
throwing it to your ear-hole, got you going buck wild.
But truck-tracks, rhymes all day, breaking off niggaz proper,
did dirt, did West cause I clown coppers (yeah).
Do hip-hop, rap, compose ’em most, I couldn’t see me,
mad advanced and my skills are all about the dollar bills.
From Pittsburgh to Cali dropping bombs like that,
was on the D.L. with the squad so I couldn’t hold it back.
Black, I regulate I buzz a big gate figure,
mobbing with the ill nigga, with his finger on a bigger trigger.
Serving all (saps), hitting sevens on the (simps),
making do’, eating shrimps, locing with some real pimps (yeah).
So peep game, best believe I love my peeps
that’s why I make the type of music you can pump in your jeeps
(that’s right).
So buck my sound, I put it down for the underground,
I got the women cause I’m slamming, jamming.
Got it going on this time for this new producer to rise,
so open your eyes, I think you better recognize.

[Hook: Dr. Dre (Sam Sneed)]

Once again it’s the man with the masterplan,
they call him Sam and I (think you better recognize) [2x]

[Verse Two: Sam Sneed (Dr. Dre)]

I remember days on the blocks where I slang slung played punk cops
and mad props cause I ran with hard rocks (yeah).
From napalms to Uzi’s I made G’s (say what?),
them build up enough Luther by keys.
No gang affiliation, yo I stood on my own to pulling capers
I’m a sneaky slick nigga, I never had to pull the trigger (right).
I mack, and on top and that I’m used to staying wicked with just 24-7,
you can ask my ex-hooker.
But now I’m on some new improved shit,
making hits, stacking chips, now everything’s legitimate.
I flipped the scrip a long time ago, on the five-o,
when I had to scope with this new way to make my cash flow (uhm).
Yes indeedy, I wasn’t greedy, got my niggaz out the gutter,
now they’re rolling with the Sam Sneezy.
Hip hop fanatic causing static in the industry,
these whack creators, I call ’em imitators (ah yeah).
Been trying to see me, but see I’m unexplainetory,
with the fame and glory, that’s why I gotta tell my story.
With no disguise, a lot of niggaz despise,
because I’m on an uprise, so I think you better recognize.

[Hook: Dr. Dre (Sam Sneed)]

Once again it’s the man with the masterplan,
they call him Sam and I (think you better recognize) [2x]
(Think you better recognize) [2x]

[Verse Three: Sam Sneed (Dr. Dre)]

Well I’m back in the mix with a bottle of hennessy,
so fire up a blunt let’s have an end of the sanity.
Crazy shot outs giving pounds to all my niggaz,
hitting all the hookers by the dozen, cause they dig us (trick).
Fuck what you’ve heard, recognize what you be seeing,
it’s time to earn truth to the game human being.
I’m that little bass nigga trying to get mine, fuck a nine,
cause I’ll incline with the mastermind.
I got my crew in my corner so I can’t loose,
cause I’m paying mad douze in this record biz, I don’t snooze.
And suckers be popping at those idiotic egosytible type of flimflam,
I can’t be faded Sam-am.
Playing with the hustlers never dealing with the knucklehead bollers,
cause boys play with toys and scholars play with dollars.
I’m a mack of my own right, plus my game is tight,
baby get it right, I ain’t the one, so take flight.
Bitches give my mad rep, nothing but the brazen off tempo,
thinking they can get my loot, I never trip to knock the boots.
I gotta be wise, when time to dip between the thies,
all eyes on the price, so I think you better recognize.

[Hook: Dr. Dre: (Sam Sneed)]

Once again it’s the man with the masterplan,
they call him Sam and I (think you better recognize) [2x]
Once again it’s the man with the masterplan,
they call him Sam and I (think you better recognize) [2x]


DR. DRE Topless

Lyrics from muuchinima Sites DR. DRE Topless Lyrics, singer by DR. DRE

[Verse 1 – Eminem]
My motto is live by the bottle
So why is my supply low?
Bring in a truckload with a high-low
Stay grounded but I still reach for the sky though
Ghetto idol I think, but what do I know?
Shit I know a lot more than I should
The hood stood by me just like I thought it would
Dont act like I’m Hollywood when I prob’ly could
I don’t polly
Mohammed Ali of rap, I don’t lolly gag
West Coast, the home of the bodybag
The shotty, the mag
Los Angeles, where the party at?
You can catch me anywhere where there’s Bacardi at
Yeah, Andre is back so have a cardiac
Started back with the black
Rated starter cap
Gangsta rap, we practically fuckin’ started that
Everyday with this game I’m gettin’ smarter at
Sky’s the limit so everytime I get on a track

[Chorus – Dr. Dre]
Cause ladies when I shine. Nigga wish quick.
No startin I?m the shootin kind.
Front page all the time. You boys think sick but I aint got no roof on mine.
I drink Topless, I live Topless. Like my girl is the game with her titties out.
I drink Topless, I live Topless. Sky?s the limit I?m paid to run the city now.

[Verse 2 – Nas]
Ya skins ya traveling bag of your existence.
Yours is shabby and scab while mines glistenin.
Vivid on my skin how many continents
I?ve visit then you could journey with me to different places by listenin.
Shittin on em. Ya brutha got it covered we can slug it,
knuckle it however you want I love it.
A hustler?s wit. The grit the grind. My genetic code make-up.
Murderer by design. On my calendar time when night meets day.
I?m in a light grey bugatti like a high-speed chase.
Adrenaline like jogger the jump in rope in place.
The Muhammad Ali hobbies no pilates trying to keep the ocean by me.
Hit a rich man?s wife see what these hoes can buy me.
Lookin forward but it?s nice to see the rode behind me.
Hotel?s a 7 star. Begets glowin.
Keep ya lid yet dawg the private jet bowin topless.



DR. DRE The Wash

Lyrics from muuchinima Sites DR. DRE The Wash Lyrics, singer by DR. DRE

[Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg]
As the wheels turn city to city, hundreds fold, chronic smoke
Twist up another philly (dun dilly)
Them niggas still trippin off that old shit (really?) how silly
It’s a whole ‘nother day (yeah yeah) Snoop Dogg (and Doc motherfuckin Dre)
Nigga can ya feel this?
It’s the D-O-double, you don’t run up, you won’t see no trouble
If you caught up in these fuckin streets
Who you gon’ call when them niggas gettin ready to blast?
Yeah, and if that shit’s gettin ugly
Who you gon’ call when them niggas come to gettin ya ass?
(I came to get that ass!)
Big dittog, push the big hittog
Ya hoppin and poppin, how bout you hop up off my bittalls
Got(GOT) dirt on my pittaws
I(I) broke a few littaws
It(IT) really don’t matter cause I’m only here to spit on
And get on, shit on niggas
Do it to ’em D-O-double right on nigga
I’m saggin it, baggin it, slang them Dubs
You motherfuckers think The Wash is all soap and suds, whassup cuz?
If you tryin to get a dub sack, page me
The ho’s say D-Loc, you so crazy
Poppin that shit don’t phase me
I need my chips and the dip it’s like gravy
Now back to the lecture at hand
Perfection is expected and I’m feelin that demand
Los Ang, broad day gunnin
That ain’t no earthquake it’s just Dre comin
If this shit ain’t played, the party ain’t bumpin
If I don’t show up, the ho’s ain’t fuckin
Cali sunshine, come visit
Just don’t stop at stop signs with bullet holes in it
All Star league, you writin Benjamins
I handles my business, FUCK fake niggas
I sell game a quarter million a track
Snoop and the good Doc back with a brand new sack
Shit’s wrong, money gone, I blast
Out of town, out of bounds, no pass
Runnin up, talkin shit, get smashed
Shoot first, ask questions last
Fallin back on that ass, hit the switch and let the ass just drag(zzzt zzt)
2001, 2002 Taz
My nigga what you holdin?
Step out with the Stacy’s and the Snoop Dogg clothing
Rollin, with the braids in my hair
Crimped out, way pimped out, OH YEAH
You gots to pay the cost to beat the boss
After all that dirt I gots to get my shit washed

The Wash
The Wash
(ahh, ahh)
The Wash
(ahhhh, ahhh)


DR. DRE Put It On Me

Lyrics from muuchinima Sites DR. DRE Put It On Me Lyrics, singer by DR. DRE

[Dr. Dre]
Y’all ready to get dirty?
Do y’all really wanna get X-rated?
Heh, bottoms up

Just hit me up when you need
Sex, endo and Hennessey
Won’t you just put it on me
Undress on yo company
(Come on baby) Put it on me
Relax and come chill with me
Kick back I got what you need
Won’t you just put it on me

[Dr. Dre]
We back, we mack, stay blunted
Knee pads, yo hoes they wanted
Penthouse two o’clock eleven hundred
It aint no fun if I can’t reroute your hoes in this direction
Swerve in the intersection, I’m done she restin
No question, done session
Home wreckin, Doc motherfuckin Dre no guessin
Nothin less than, I mess when I’m sexin
Bang on the block
Even Asian bitches like to bang cock
Draws drop, she bunny hops
On it like a pro, she comes out the clothes

[DJ Quik]
But, uh, she flips the dildos
Whether in the Pumps, Nikes or the steel toes
Dre, you can spot it in the benzos
Squawtin real low, got me drivin real slow, she’s a real ho
And even though her parents spent the fat chip
On that private school chip
She graduated, got some thug dick and flipped
No more checkered sweater, vest and plaid skirts
She’s out here naked more or less and that hurts
But she’s in good hands, cause Suga Free palmin
He sent her to the Sheraton with Thomas
If you need ’em they at 310-629-9755
You hit ’em and they let you know when she’s arrived
Oh she okay she just runnin an errand
With this Portuguese dime piece named Karen
Bouncin through the mall, spottin ’em all
A sucker for a dick sucker ready to fall
For a daughter like yours
Got him pattin his pocket and comin out his drawers
Layin his jacket on puddles, openin the doors
All for what?
Because I promised her my name gave her the game and still aint fucked

Just hit me up when you need?
Sex, endo and Hennessey
Won’t you just put it on me
Undress on yo company
(Come on baby) Put it on me
Relax and come chill with me
Kick back I got what you need
Won’t you just put it on me
(Come on baby) Put it on me
Fuck everybody let’s just go
(Come on baby)
We can get drunk, have some fun and blow some smoke
(Come on baby) My spot is close, c’mon lets roll
(Don’t trip) I’ll keep it on a low, ahh

[DJ Quik]
Now we just kickin back playin on some PS2
Contemplatin the game Dre and me best do
If you feelin froggies then leave when we test you
But I’m guaranteein you bitches leavin three less two
Never mind what that love and hate one pairs do
Y’all just snicker at that hooker when we all pass through
Dr. Dre and DJ Quik will probly outlast you
You’re like see-trough pair of boxers nigga yo ass trough

[Dr. Dre]
Bitch, you need some good dick, I got that too
Speed bag the clit, leave it black and blue
Time of yo live, I got that boo
Creep late nights up in hotel rooms
We drank, eat shrooms
Kill something, crank the volume
Fuck in every room
You know your home girl want it, Tag team bitch
Why you being dick greedy? Tag team bitch
When she cums, she drips on mattresses
Bedroom time comes I handle shit
Wifey caught up me nigga
That’s yo bitch, that’s yo biz
That’s show biz, that’s how hoes is
With or without kids
Long as you keeping it on a hush she ridin dick
Aint been satisfied much, she’s been fakin
That’s why she callin me, guess what she’s sayin?

Just hit me up when you need?
Sex, endo and Hennessey
Won’t you just put it on me
Undress on yo company
(Come on baby) Put it on me
Relax and come chill with me
Kick back I got what you need
Won’t you just put it on me
(Come on baby) Put it on me
Fuck everybody let’s just go
(Come on baby)
We can get drunk, have some fun and blow some smoke
(Come on baby) My spot is close, c’mon lets roll
(Don’t trip) I’ll keep it on a low, ahh


DR. DRE Puffin On Blunts And Drankin Tanqueray

Lyrics from muuchinima Sites DR. DRE Puffin On Blunts And Drankin Tanqueray Lyrics, singer by DR. DRE

[Lady Of Rage]
All ways and forever, forever and all ways
the rhythm will flow from now and through all days
as long as the sun shines
as long as Eisenours on the dime
yo, I’ll be kickin the rhyme
One time for ya mind, your soul your body
D-o-g’s on the side of me, smooth as E J
hard as Bacardi smackin those yaddy-yacks and ducks keep quackin
hands that are clappin end up cracklin
under the heat the pressure from the one thats deffer
Egyptian ruler will call me cleo ro Nefertiti yes indeedi
got the eyes of the beedie-body from Tahiti
voice of the will lyrics blow
chills up ya spine thats illslow
all thoughts in ya mind drop a yo
came in the front but you be kicked through the back door
for tryin to step, tryin to come incorrect
tryin to play the left, tryin to start a mess
tryin to cause fuss, tryin to raise a ruckus…Huh
you’ll end up ashes to ashes, dusk to dusk
a busta you musta been fuckin on drugs
and alcohol back off, all a yall up against the wall
spread em, doggs go get em and
cuff em and stuff em, cold shed em dont let em
not a word, not another one heard
if you try you die, visions blurred, speech slurred
served with a cherry on top
Rage in effect I just begun to rock
Yeah rock on witcha bad self RAGE!
rock on witcha bad self RAGE!
Rock on witcha bad self RAGE!
Rock on witcha bad self….

[Dat Nigga Daz]
Yo..Im Dat Nigga Daz who packs a tre-8 slug
a true nigga from the hood and the pound gives love
Yo see…niggas wanna be down but never came around
so back up off my nuts and stop sweatin the pound
you see niggas get broke off like 1,2,3
cuz Im the D-A to the..(D-A-to the..)
D-A- to the Z
Now G’z pay attention to this young ass mack daddy
in a caddy-haddy, not known about the city
where the niggas hang around
so I roll em up and hit em up wit the motherfuckin Dogg Pound

I’m rough and rugged and up till to the dirt
I’m from the Dogg Pound nigga so Im puttin in work
I’m no joke who the fuck you tryin to provoke
(1-8-7)It’s cool how his ass got smoked
I don’t drink no fuckin Vsop
I drink the motherfuckin O.G., O-E
Im from the clik that be kickin the gangsta shit bitch
real niggas real G’z wit real big dicks
I hit em up wit the Pound
so what you wanna throw up
claimin your cocaine or cavi when you blow up
know what? the Pounds in the motherfuckin house
back again we try to get high as we kin
Dr.Dre be kickin phat rhymes and produce and kick shit
I gets more wicked than Beetlejuice
Motherfuckers get battered so scatter
before I keep ya hostage a nigga hostage like the grim reaper
so Im comin from my hood…what hood
you really like to know motherfucker I thought you knew
motherfucker dont you know Im stranded on the row
I take a look into the crowd kick a style a flow
I’m mashin, motherfuckers get murdered for action
relax kid, your rollin wit a fuckin assasin
outlasted did dirt the other day
betray, the roll of a G, from the D-O double G
P-o-u-n-d, Pound so bow-bow motherfuckin marks
the execute the start, when the chronic gets sparked
Im like ??
Wrecks I flex murderous rhymes to leave you all dead
what said is all said its already spoke
the dead is the dead I aint no fuckin joke
I murder motherfuckers as a hobby
one of my idols aint no joke so why in the fuck should I be
Fly me to the Bahamas, ruff rhymer,
dramas what your kickin, wicked is how Im a
approach ya, the locster, whos quick to up and smoke ya
your lookin like a smoka, grinnin like the joker
I yolk ya from da back like a bitch talkin shit
but a bitch aint shit, cuz a bitch aint shit
but a ho and trick on my dick
flip, lets take a trip to the Dogg Pound
fools tryed to punk me when I was young but Im a hog now
and I gets respect and I step wit a tec 9
ready to put somethin up in that ass to give respect mine
fool, Deatrow aint lynchin and the Pound aint mobbin
we all dont give a fuck run in your crib and start robbin
throbbin, I’ll break a nigga down in the 90’s
maxin at the Pound wit my doggs is where you’ll find me